The White Pants Society



The White Pants Society began as a forum for cultural exchange. The name was an alternative use for the initials TWS in the logo. If you’re saying to yourself “self, that should be TWPS” then you’re overthinking it and probably don’t have a sense of humor. 

The goal of everything we do here it to openly and honestly discuss any topic we find interesting. We engage in debates to learn from other points of view and share ideas. Disagreement without disrespect is at the core of our values along with the idea that if you can’t find the humor in something you need to relax.



J dot Flan


It’s hard to write a description of yourself, but since you put a gun to my head I’ll say I’m a recovering alcoholic, father, aging rapper frequent soapbox stander. I can be very opinionated but more often than not I’m developing them on the spot. The world has changed so rapidly that I am not a self-proclaimed yet reluctant ambassador of the neanderthal culture.