We discuss being men with daddy issues. I apologize to anyone in my family that may be hurt by this but this is my way of processing things.
Flan reflects on his first 16 months of fatherhood. The good the bad and the disgusting
The Ultimate Petty. We talk deadly gif’s, wtf is going on in Tenessee, hating in humble. Join the conversation.
I give it to em easy as pi, they want it easy as 3. Sex dolls, NYPD peeping tom, Tyrese, Flint, Kap, and the RETURN OF BARS!!!! One of our best episodes yet.
The Lost Episode. I had to dig this one up since we weren’t able to record at all last week. This is the part one of my brother’s visit that we decided not to release earlier. I lost control from the very beginning and things went way off the rails.
Do you prefer domestics or Imports? Rich and I discuss the use of foreign actors to portray Americans and whether or not Get Out is really THAT good. hoto credit: Johnny Silvercloud via VisualHunt / CC BY-SA
Rich and I sit down to discuss the rise in changes to birth certificates. Listen to find out if Rich takes off the skates. Photo credit: dougbelshaw via VisualHunt / CC BY
It’s Judgement Day! J.Flan is finally done with court. We start his probation term with a tribute to B.I.G. and a debate about gender roles. 15 months to go Photo credit: Sam Howzit via Visualhunt / CC BY
After a series of unfortunate events, WE BACK! This episode we try to catch up. We talk Trump, Ben Carson, NIcki vs Remy vs Foxy, Chance’s donation and a whole lot more. Enjoy!!! Photo credit: swimfinfan via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-SA
Hamps joins me again to discuss the unimportance of the Oscars, poop flinging and how is too old for shenanigans.

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