Photo credit: Un ragazzo chiamato Bi via / CC BY-SA What happened? What now? Does your vote count?
We come back with a vengeance. No topic off limits and all opinions allowed. Flan may have taken Devils advocate too far. Photo credit: magerleagues via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA
Episode 6 recorded on location at 4th Tap Co-op
Flan and Rich discuss Teacher Bae, and taking kids to the pumpkin patch.
Flan and Rich sit down with the ladies to discuss celebrity spouses
Freak out allowance, Baby Bill, Derrick Rose and Carribean Screwdriver
Episode 2: Can Opener. Tribute to my homie Fatz. Bill Cosby vs Trump, Shame Shaming, Awkward Birthday h2awut89
Episode 1 of whatisTWS. Hosts J.Flan and RichNerd discuss various topics like “man law” and the election. Join them for a honest and open cultural exchange. Cq9xX2CsZHMogxTl1lt2