It’s Just me and You (just us two). Another attempt at 45 minutes of Flan. Rich couldn’t make it so I went solo. I had a couple of apologies to issue and several things to rant about. I discuss everything from Breezy vs Draco to free weed at the inauguration. Pure dopeness. Enjoy
Our 20th episode. Have we followed the path of least resistance? Probably not. It’s been fun, though. Happy New Year. Get those tits up and press play!
My father in law joins us for some good ole fashioned barbershop talk. We talk politics, Chicago, the state of blacks in America and much more. Very enlightening and uplifting conversation. Enjoy
Our second attempt at a live show. This one actually worked. We talk about everything from Cards Against Humanity to being petty and take online comments. Enjoy
We tried to go live and it didn’t quite work out. The audio was clean though so here you go. This time we discuss J.Cole, Pakistani jails, DWI class, and of course Trump. Enjoy
We’re joined by another special guest who was a little too far away from the mic. Still and interesting conversation. Everyone enjoys a little squirt from time to time.
Happy Birthday, Reg! This was the finale to my brother’s time in Austin. We ran out of topics and whiskey. This time around we pulled random questions from a set of table topics. Let me know if you enjoyed parts 2 & 3 and I might just release part one with another special guest. I...
My brother comes to town and all hell breaks loose. You may be wondering why this is “part Deux”. Part 1 went way off the rails. I’ll follow this up with part 3 and if the 2 episodes get a good response then we’ll probably reveal what will be our craziest episode to date. Was...
We freestyled this episode. No outline, no set topics, just 2 guys having a conversation. Maybe one of our best episodes yet.
join a conversation about relationships, men vs. women, wedding rings, and politics Photo credit: julie gibbons via / CC BY-SA