Father's day gaining ground, celebrating with Chef Elise, problems with new phone number, at war with FedEx...no, I didn't relapse.
Dad Jokes, tea party with Sweet Pea, Gas Prices, Grocery Shopping, and high-level adulting
BlkPodFest, dropped off in the hood, drugs I wish I would have tried, origins of Whiteness, these things really happened
I actually didn't have the time of my life, but Elise did and that's the same thing. Me, I injured myself.
New Kendrick Lamar, pretty porcelain tea sets, being a yes man, & 5 or 6 random questions.
Another run-in on E 5th, New Black Star, Chef Elise has a fever, & Happy Mothers Day!
Mental Health Awareness month, Drunk White Girls, Soccer Moms go hard, and dying on the treadmill.
Dating apps, Elise's hair bow, Deon Cole, Pain Olympics, and Poor White people.
Overthinking leads to a week of anxiety attacks. Chef Elise adds to the anxiety and reminds me of a childhood stunt. Shouts to Questlove for getting me through.
Flan isn't ready for how fast Chef Elise is growing up and he takes issue with people that confuse his accent.