Episode 203 – For the Meanwhile

I’m in an R&B dancing, sexy flexy type of mood. It’s been a good week despite getting a bad review. I recap the events and then make another attempt to explain addiction to normies. Mental Health Matters.

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Episode 189 – So Much On My Mind

A lot going on this time of year. Valentine’s day takes a back seat to the new Fred Hampton film, a deep conversation with my mom, suppositories for my daughter, and an important anniversary for me. Still no word from Rap.

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Episode 143 – Taming Strange

Coming to the end of the year. I start on the next phase of my recovery. In this episode, I try to make the strange concept of addiction a little more familiar. Warning: this episode contains abnormal metaphors and analogies, be prepared. Intro Music: Brand New – Styles P Outro Music: After School – Dom…

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