Flan’s the biggest hypocrite of 2020, he thinks people share too much. In this episode he talks about his issues with sharing on social media, why he does it, why he hates it, what he thinks it says about him. Thanks as always for listening! Go Sound!

It’s the Mother’s Day episode. Flan shares stories about his mama and how their relationship has evolved. He briefly discusses the Jill vs. Erykah battle and then his own battle with narcism. We end the episode with a rant about trolls!

Flan discovers the meaning of “Demon Time” then asks himself 10 random questions and get’s as honest a possible with the answers. Sometime you gotta be dope enough to interview yourself. Anyone interested in sitting down for some question hit me @ [email protected]. Intro: The Questions – Common ft. Mos Def Outro: 21 Questions – 50 Cent