It's my birthday, so I gift to you one of the many lessons I've learned over 41 years about how not to treat people. I swear I've changed.
I hope someday Elise understands the sacrifices that dads make, until that time I got some sh*t to get off my chest.
You find life lessons in the strangest places. A fire alarm takes me down a crazy road. I also discuss the importance of shutting the F' up!
I'm back after a battle with the "flu". My near-death experience made me reflect on some of my better memories. I actually was cool at one point...maybe.
Boring week, but things picked up over the weekend. Do you TITF?
A bullet in the teeth, a tiny ref, a scary Mormon, and the joys of self-evaluation.
Spent some time in my least favorite place, outside, and it was magical. My apologies to the Commanders, I couldn't afford to lose this week.
I come here to confess my sins and admit my shortcomings as a father..
Zodiac signs, f**k you money, travel plans and more. 10 random questions with Flan.
It ends here! Well, it probably ended a long time ago but it's time the truth gets told. No diss to anyone mentioned in the episode. Love