I get to sit down with my brother and talk about supporting your circle, the value of family, Go-Go, and his Great Adventures with Slick Rick. Good Times with Good People.
A traumatic hot comb incident leads me to reach out to some of my pod family for advice. DreMo, Savagely Humble and Amron join me to discuss a dad's place in a black girl's hair journey.
The series continues with DC of the What the Shit Podcast. We talk about finding joy in other's success, Ohio, breaking records, and the art of shit dodging.
This week I discuss Chef Elise running game already, when being cheap goes wrong, being weird in public, and why I'm choosing violence with my new neighbor.
Dope conversation with one of the dopest people I've met, Amron Burnette. We talk about everything from nugget porn to imposter syndrome. Lots of gems!
This latest ice storm in Texas put me to the test, but as with everything I look for the humor in it and the lesson learned.
Jae founder of the Pod Dealers Network stops by to discuss the benefits of looking out for your people and the wrong way to get high.
I try to talk my way through my issues with being the "whitest black person most people know" and come to terms with my addiction to rice krispie treats.
Mr. "Here's The Thing" Raw Asas of the All On Da Table podcast comes through to discuss putting cream cheese on grits and explain what makes him who he is.
Dope MLK weekend! Chef Elise got and award and dad got a chance to make some history with a group of dope people. Straight Drop!

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