I'm in good spirits after a daddy-daughter steak night, Tabitha Brown's new show, & surviving a vegan attack.
I ponder the question can one offensive word be traded for another? This became the theme of an interesting night at the Kevin Hart show.
Chef Elise and I battle it out this week because she's too much like me
Memories from the barbershop & Is posting your kids on social media a mistake?
The Tipping Point is now legal, Princess Camp, Chef Elise's big surprise, does monogamy even matter anymore?
The Black Uncle Buck, text don't call, fatherhood has made me a punk & Dave Chapelle: Once in a Lifetime Talent?
Flan still waiting on a thank you, Millenials and their music hot takes, Phone Tap is a classic, and how Lauryn Hill taught us all...
Reasonable doubt turns 26, My sister the astrophotographer, my college crush, 3 way call setup.
Father's day gaining ground, celebrating with Chef Elise, problems with new phone number, at war with FedEx...no, I didn't relapse.
Dad Jokes, tea party with Sweet Pea, Gas Prices, Grocery Shopping, and high-level adulting