I spent the week back at home in D.C. and had the chance to sit down with the legendary Janice "Flan Dog" Flannagan or as I know her Ma!
Lil Sis DreMo from the CyclePath Podcast came thru. The plan was to clear the air but there was no need so instead we talked about being rivals on GoodPods and her Love of Big T.
In loving memory of my favorite Aunt!
People always wonder why I seem so calm. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Take my word for it.
I did it. They can't hold it over my head no more! Big Smash finally makes is 1st appearance on my show with his co-host, from the new Smash N Raw show on opulence radio, RawAsas. I apologize in advance.
I successfully executed taking my daughter to our first solo hair appointment but not without some hiccups along the way. That's definitely my child.
Multiple shots were fired but we lived to talk about it. Raw Asas joins me to discuss the "bro zone", ass pillows, and the Soula Boy effect.
Love and Fear. I love my daughter but I'm deathly afraid of white babies. Let me explain.
I get to sit down with my brother and talk about supporting your circle, the value of family, Go-Go, and his Great Adventures with Slick Rick. Good Times with Good People.
A traumatic hot comb incident leads me to reach out to some of my pod family for advice. DreMo, Savagely Humble and Amron join me to discuss a dad's place in a black girl's hair journey.

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