Thanksgiving turned out to be quite an educational experience for me. I journeyed to strange lands and made new friends. No witches were harmed.
Smoking out the window is highly addictive. I find an equally offensive alternative to Guess the Ethnicity and Chef Elise finds something she’s not good at.
I celebrate a sober milestone by doing some soul searching and discussing a syndrome that really grinds my gears. Trying to stay positive as the streak continues.
I watched a couple movies, almost shed a tear, hung out with Chef Elise, made some crusty @$$ cornbread and, addressed a post in the FB group. Got my focus back!
The struggle is real, so why not talk about it? A little David Lee Roth some Satchmo, some Jay-Z, and a dash of LL Cool J shape my week.
Me and Chef Elise reconnect as I try to re-align her NFL affiliations. Hat’s come in handy and my homie Chad is my spirit animal. I tried to find a moral at the end.
The hits keep coming but I just keep doing my best Antoine Fisher. Is it bad Karma, or the darkness before the light? Woosah!!!
For the 3 or 4 of y’all out there interested in my thoughts on the latest Dave Chapelle special, like to hear it here it go. Shouts to Moms!
I recorded an extra episode last week just in case and just in case happened.. MF and I had our “last” conversation ever before my surgery.
Alexander MF joins me for some tough conversations during another episode that could get me canceled. We talk about the recent TX laws as suggested by @DreasPoint.