These are my confessions. I had some bad dad moments. I had a battle with a foe I thought I left in my past. I'm shy and sometimes certain people annoy me.
The homies BBMFC and Zay join me to discuss love from a man’s perspective. Chad scars us all for life with his “Care Bears” story.
This week made me ask myself if my best years were way behind me. I talk about my brush with black history and we play another round of Guess The Ethnicity detailing a brazen glitter attack. Shoutout to the Rope Rockets! Find me at Listen @ Merch @ coupon code “HoodieSZN” for...
Getting back in the swing of recording and trying to deal with my daughter’s developing personality. Dark times… View the video version @
I complete this year’s goal of not missing a week with an episode dedicated to the holidays and my dear friend…
Sometimes trying to save money can cost you…
After realizing that I don’t think it’s manly to celebrate my birthday I decided to do a little introspection into my aversion to the spotlight and some other toxic traits.
Chef Elise adds another title as Dad turns 40.
Thanksgiving turned out to be quite an educational experience for me. I journeyed to strange lands and made new friends. No witches were harmed.
Smoking out the window is highly addictive. I find an equally offensive alternative to Guess the Ethnicity and Chef Elise finds something she’s not good at.