Social media tried to kick me while I was down but Robin Thicke and Novel had my back. Sunday marked a weird anniversary but Imma be alright!
I almost made it forty years without a broken bone, but at least now I got a story to tell and a topic for this week.
My Apologies, 3 days of straight daddy duty has me a lil discombobulated. I try to talk about CLB, being a dad, and a bus stop encounter but I don’t know how well I pull it off.
Flan speaks freely about a few things going on in life. Specifically FB, BET, and Apple. Chef Elise gonna have to chill with the Slime.
Couldn’t let the consecutive week streak end so I pulled a few questions from my box of icebreakers and went for it. I think it turned out pretty dope. Let me know what you think.
I needed to get the evil out, there’s been a couple things bothering me. Seeing patterns in my life that I don’t want to insidiously pass on to Chef Elise. LET ME TALK!
Alexander MF turns the tables on a game of Guess the Ethnicity. We recap the Verzuz, talk about blackness and prejudice, then Flan test MF’s convictions about the new Suicide Squad flick. #MongolianBeef
Jae joins the show to nerd out about current rap beefs and verzuz matchups. We touch on the artistry and the possible toxic masculinity behind them. We also dive into the stresses behind releasing content. Dope conversation.
This was an emotionally draining episode for me. I try to talk through understanding the state of Kanye West and Black culture. Honestly looking for clarity here. Let me know what you think.
MF joins me for our first face-to-face conversation in more than a year. As expected it didn’t go as planned and got very weird very fast. No dolphins were harmed while recording this episode.