The Black Uncle Buck, text don't call, fatherhood has made me a punk & Dave Chapelle: Once in a Lifetime Talent?
Flan still waiting on a thank you, Millenials and their music hot takes, Phone Tap is a classic, and how Lauryn Hill taught us all...
Reasonable doubt turns 26, My sister the astrophotographer, my college crush, 3 way call setup.
Father's day gaining ground, celebrating with Chef Elise, problems with new phone number, at war with, I didn't relapse.
Dad Jokes, tea party with Sweet Pea, Gas Prices, Grocery Shopping, and high-level adulting
BlkPodFest, dropped off in the hood, drugs I wish I would have tried, origins of Whiteness, these things really happened
I actually didn't have the time of my life, but Elise did and that's the same thing. Me, I injured myself.
New Kendrick Lamar, pretty porcelain tea sets, being a yes man, & 5 or 6 random questions.
Another run-in on E 5th, New Black Star, Chef Elise has a fever, & Happy Mothers Day!
Mental Health Awareness month, Drunk White Girls, Soccer Moms go hard, and dying on the treadmill.