Episode 166 – Blame Taco Bell

This is all their fault. I finally decide to express my opinions on BLM, meaningless gestures, The Redskins, Ye for Pres, and Fab vs Jadakiss after selling my info to Taco Bell for a chalupa box. Enough is enough!

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Episode163 – I Didn’t Say It!

Da Homie RossDaBoss aka Rosstradamus sits down with me to discuss the return of sports in the current climate. After reviewing the episode I think this one will be remembered more for what I didn’t say than what I did!

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Episode 162 – Hey, How Ya Doing?

I know I haven’t been feeling myself lately. Not in the mood to be funny. If I’m feeling that way I worry about how you all are doing. I talk about the need to see the good at times like this and call out a fellow podcaster for ducking me! It all ends with a…

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