Episode 216 – The Questions pt 2

Couldn’t let the consecutive week streak end so I pulled a few questions from my box of icebreakers and went for it. I think it turned out pretty dope. Let me know what you think.

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Episode 200 – Flan Explains it All

200 episodes in! Flan takes on every question thrown his way. Big or small guns, dreams, even fried chicken. No ducking, no dodging. Real rap raw!

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Episode 157 – The Questions!

Flan discovers the meaning of “Demon Time” then asks himself 10 random questions and get’s as honest a possible with the answers. Sometime you gotta be dope enough to interview yourself. Anyone interested in sitting down for some question hit me @ Intro: The Questions – Common ft. Mos Def Outro: 21 Questions –…

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